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"Mr. Jeff is a master at building. There's nothing he can't build. Very trustworthy, reliable! Great!"


E. Chavis

"Love this contractor and his crew. We needed a kitchen and bath remodel. These guys are great. He works with you and listens to what you want. If he thinks it won't work, he'll tell you. He will not do something just to make money, he does it to make his customer's happy. That's what I like about him. He helped us pick out what we needed and we were very satisfied with the results. We recommend using this company. Very honest!"



"Great company! They've been by our side since hurricane Matthew, 2016. Can't say enough good things about them. After this experience, we just may write a book. Mr. Jeff and his wife and crew have stuck by us with no money and even when we just got a little. This crew is lovely and their work speaks for itself. I recommend them to everyone.​"



"I highly recommend this contractor. He is very knowledgeable in this field. He is very detailed oriented and listens to his customers. He is very trustworthy (very important), efficient and reliable. Our home began on schedule and ended on schedule. His prices were beater than any contractor in the area. We just loved him. Would use this company again.​"


Nc. L

"We love this contractor and his team. We call them our Matthew Angels. We called before the hurricane hit because we knew they would be so busy with other callers that we wanted to be 1st on the list. The didn't disappoint. Gave them the keys to our home and we located out of town until they were finished. We've never been more satisfied with a contractor in our entire life. We introduced them to our fellow neighbors and friends. They not only repaired our entire home, they became our friends. Love his wife, I think they should do a show together. They have what it takes. Honesty, reliability, trustworthy, no hidden costs and they even come back after the job is finished. Can't find that with many contractors. We highly recommend this family owned company. They do it all themselves! We love them."


Thompson Family

J & J Builders

Contracting Services, Inc.

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